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Impeachment of Biden and Support for Ukraine

Recently, Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy announced that the House of Representatives of the American Congress will initiate an investigation that could initiate the impeachment process against President Biden.

Impeachment of Biden and Support for Ukraine
Impeachment of Biden and Support for Ukraine

According to him, the investigation will focus on allegations of corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice by President Biden.

The impeachment process against Biden began in 2021 when Republican congressmen presented documents accusing Biden of abusing power while serving as vice president. Over the next two years, nothing was done to remove the American leader except for loud statements in the press. And now, in April 2023, the initiator of the first presentation, US House of Representatives member and ardent Trump supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene, announced that she will introduce new articles of impeachment. This time, it was about immigration law violations and border protection with Mexico. The impeachment of Biden, according to experts, is seen as a manifestation of political struggles within the United States, and it is likely to come up more often as elections draw closer.

The likelihood of Biden being removed from office due to this is minimal. To begin with, a simple majority vote is required in the House of Representatives. Republicans have only a slight advantage in the House, but there is fierce competition within the party due to primary elections, so surprises are possible even at this stage. Some conservative congressmen believe that the evidence is too weak, while others are openly concerned about the return of authoritarian populist Trump and the rise of ultra-Trumpists. However, it's important to note that the impeachment process is just the first step. It must be followed by a trial in the Senate, during which a two-thirds majority vote is required to implement the decision. President's party members have the majority in the upper chamber. Throughout the history of the United States, 46 presidents have been elected, and only three of them faced impeachment trials: Andrew Johnson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998, and Trump, who was impeached twice in 2019 and 2020. None of them were removed from office as a result of this process.

As a result, there are no significant changes expected in Washington's politics. The Republican idea of impeachment is unlikely to have any impact on domestic US policy or assistance to Ukraine. As for the calls by some American politicians to reduce or stop aid, these calls are marginal. US Republican Senator Mitt Romney responded to critics within his party who claimed that America could not afford to continue funding the Ukrainian army: "We spend about $850 billion a year on defense. We use about five percent of that amount to help Ukraine. My goodness, to defend freedom and to deter the Russian army - a country with 1,500 nuclear warheads pointed at us. The ability to do this with five percent of our military budget seems to me to be an extremely reasonable investment, not something we can't afford."

Against the backdrop of the history related to the first impeachment of US President Donald Trump in 2019, there was an attempt to involve Ukraine in US domestic political processes. Democratic Party representatives accused him of pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. President Zelenskyy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and virtually all representatives of the Ukrainian government adopted a very measured and thoughtful policy on this issue. The United States is a leading democratic nation in the world. Ukraine does not interfere in American domestic politics and does not offer recommendations to American democracy. At the same time, the Ukrainian side properly responds to all suspicions regarding corruption allegations, especially when receiving international assistance, and thoroughly investigates them.

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